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German Car Repair - We Are Certified & Specialized Porsche Mechanic Repair In Dubai. The Most Trusted Porsche Workshop.

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  • Free Pickup And Inspection.
  • Major & Minor Service.
  • Engine Tuning & Repair.
  • Suspension Repair.
  • Oil Change Service.
  • Transmission Repair.
  • Complete Detailing.
  • Complete Service.
  • Programming Service.
  • Battery & Tires Replacement.
  • Brake Pads Replacement.
  • Computer Diagnostics.
  • Oil Filter Change Service.
  • Steering Repair Service.
  • AC Service & Repair.
  • Engine Maintenance.
  • Glass / Windscreen Repair.
  • Electrical System Repair.
  • Lighting System Repair.
  • Wheel Alignment Service.


Porsche Recent Work

best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
best porsche repair dubai garage near me
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Porsche Repair Dubai & Maintenance

The auto expert workshop is one of the leading Porsche Service Centers in Dubai that offers high-quality services for Porsche repair Dubai. Our Specialists mechanics are experts in General Porsche Repair or minor or major service and make sure total compliance with the manufacturer's repair guidelines. We extremely believe in brand specialization because every car brand today requires specialized expertise and modern tools for good maintenance and repair. Hence, at our specialized Porsche service center in Dubai, your vehicle will be serviced and repaired by certified auto mechanics and experts in the complex mechanical and electrical systems of the latest Porsche vehicles.

Transmission Repair Specialists

Transmission Repair Specialists

  • Transmission Fault Diagnostics.
  • Transmission Rebuilt & Repair.
  • Premium Quality Transmission Fluid Change.
Professional Computer Diagnostic & Reprogramming

Professional Computer Diagnostic & Reprogramming

  • Scanning With Advanced Scanners.
  • Full Scan Report.
Quick Battery Checkup & Replacement

Quick Battery Checkup & Replacement

  • 1 Year Warranty on Battery Change.
  • We Replace Battery Anywhere.
Professional Auto Body Repair

Professional Body Repair

  • We Don’t Compromise On Quality.
  • High Quality Accident Repair.
  • Small Parking Dents Repair.
  • Paint Less & Dent Repair.
  • Bumper, Fender & Other Parts Repair.
  • Professional Body Shop Technicians.
Complete Car Painting

Complete Painting

  • Full Car Painting.
  • Bumper, Fender & Roof Painting.
  • Car Parking Scratch & Repair.
  • High Quality Rim Painting.
  • Brake Caliper Painting.
Under Body Service

Under Body Service

  • Full Under Body Services.
  • Under Body Coating.
  • Frame Repair.
  • Rust Proofing.
General Mechanical & Electrical Repair

General Mechanical & Electrical Repair

  • Complete Engine Rebuild.
  • Engine & Suspension.
  • All Kind Of Noise Repair.
Premium Quality Oil Change Service

Premium Quality Oil Change Service

  • Minor & Major Service.
  • Oil Filter & Air Filter Change.
Complete AC Repair Services

Complete AC Repair Services

  • Free Car AC Inspection.
  • Car AC Leak Diagnostics & Repair.

Most Trusted Workshop For Porsche Repair Dubai

As one of the most trusted, reliable, and best Porsche repair Dubai, we know that Porsche cars need to be treated with exceptional care and attention. Especially in Dubai - with high temperatures and all that dust making it vitally essential that you keep your Porsche serviced periodically and with repair Dubai experts. Our mechanics have relied on us to keep the engines running in virtually all models of this premium European car. Our skillful mechanics can properly repair and service your car and offer advice on maintaining it properly so you can always have your automobile looking and feeling brand new.

At our car garage Dubai, we offer high-quality servicing, as well as car repair and maintenance service in Dubai. Some of our services include Porsche mechanical or electrical repair, Porsche Engine Repair, and Porsche Brakes Repair service.

So if you are looking for a Porsche repair Dubai, don't hesitate to contact the auto expert workshop, the leading Porsche workshop in Dubai.

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How We Works

Our 4 steps Porsche repair model is designed to add comfort and convenience for all Porsche owners.

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Specialized In Porsche Repair Dubai

At our Porsche repair Dubai service center we are specialized in providing top-quality Porsche servicing, as well as preventative Porsche maintenance and Porsche repairs. Our services include Porsche Engine Repair, Brakes Repair Service, Transmission Repair, Oil Change Service, Steering Repair & Service, Suspension Repair, Wheel Alignment & Balancing Service, Battery Service / Replacement, AC Repair & Service. So get in touch today for the finest Porsche repairing services in Dubai.